The UC Berkeley Office of Marketing & Business Outreach (OMBO) is responsible for preserving and building public awareness of the University’s global reputation for excellence in education, academic research, and public service.

The University’s reputation and identity are reflected through the use of its name and identifying marks on merchandise and in the media, and OMBO exercises strict guidelines, maintains a vigilant watch over appropriate use of its valuable assets, and ensures compliance to relevant laws and policies.

OMBO keeps the name, visual identity, accomplishments and mission of the University in the public eye through a variety of promotional activities, including transit and bus shelter advertising, and the extensive University-related product and service offerings of Cal Marketplace.

If you are interested in purchasing licensed products or acquiring a license to use the University's name, seal, logos, landmarks, or other trademarks, please visit

Inspiring Change

As global issues evolve and rise to the forefront of public awareness both on and off campus, OMBO is engaged in driving a series of outreach programs to demonstrate the University’s commitment to social, economic and environmental concerns. Collaborating with student, faculty and business communities, OMBO ensures that University resources are directed to support instruments of change and opportunity within the community.

Our Social Responsibility Mission Statement

We seek to be socially and environmentally responsible by embracing sustainability, diversity, and responsible supply chain management.



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